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Begleitend zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog auf Deutsch und Englisch im Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, herausgegeben von Michael Buhrs und Sabine Schmid. Mit Essays von Zoltán Kékesi und Elena Vogman, einem Gespräch zwischen Maya Schweizer und Sabine Schmid und Werkbeschreibungen von Cecilia Canziani, Brigitte Franzen, Dorota Kenderova und Jaro Varga, Thomas Kilpper. Gestaltet wird das Buch von H I T, 288 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-96098-879-3, erhältlich im Museum Villa Stuck zum Preis von 25 Euro.

Museum Villa Stuck
Buchhandlung Walther König


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Cosimo Veneziano BIOMEGA Multiverso

How aware are we of our own addiction to imagery?
How much does contemporary visual culture influences our way of looking at the world, and therefore our way of living? For some time we have discussed societies of control and their scope for defining what we eat, what we watch, what we wear, how we move, and even how we think, but are we sure we recognize the tools they use to do so? What role do agriculture and nutrition play in all this?
Through the gaze of the artist Cosimo Veneziano and in dialogue with voices from a wide range of disciplinary contexts, Biomega sketches a potential map of the debate around themes of unquestionable current interest.

Edited by Beatrice Zanelli
With texts by: Simone Arcagni, Katia Anguelova, Marco Antelmi, Federico Bacci, Ivan Leopoldo Bargna, Ilaria Bonacossa, Paola Bonfante, Eva Brioschi, Vincenzo Estremo, Lucia Giardino, Walter Guadagnini, Laura Guglielmone, Sergio Manca, Luigi Pagliarini, Vincenzo Russo, Andrea Staid, Maya Schweizer, Marianna Zanetta, Beatrice Zanelli

"On Insolite" Interview from Vincenzo Estremo and Maya Schweizer
"On Insolite" interview with Vincenzo Estremo and Maya Schweizer

A project curated by ARTECO
in collaboration with Parco Arte Vivente. Centro Sperimentale di Arte Contemporanea, CAMERA. Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Fondazione La Raia – Arte cultura territorio, GuilmiArtProject, Behavior & Brain Lab IULM and CHAN Contemporary Art Association.

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Where Ivy Cracks The Wall

Cette première monographie trilingue de l'artiste française met en lumière l'idée du film-monument qui sous-tend ses dernières réalisations filmiques et vidéo. L'ouvrage restitue l'esprit de son travail en parcourant quatre œuvres récentes, qui sont autant de variations sur la question de la mémoire et de sa représentation cinématographique. Les contributions inédites de six auteurs apportent une lecture approfondie des films et constituent une introduction au travail de Maya Schweizer.

Publié suite à l'exposition de Maya Schweizer Die Luke, eine Fliege und dort die Puschkinallee (La trappe, une mouche et là-bas la Puschkinallee) au Kunstverein de Leipzig en 2018.
Maya Schweizer (née en 1976 à Paris) est plasticienne, vidéaste et photographe.

This first trilingual monograph by the French artist, highlights the idea of the film-monument that underlies her latest film and video realizations. The book reflects the spirit of her work by exploring four recent films, which are all variations on the question of memory and its cinematographic representation. The new contributions of six authors provide an in-depth insight into the films and an introduction to Maya Schweizer's work.

Published following Maya Schweizer's exhibition Die Luke, eine Fliege und dort die Puschkinallee (The trap, a fly and there the Puschkinallee) at the Kunstverein in Leipzig in 2018.
Maya Schweizer (born in 1976 in Paris) is a visual artist, video artist and photographer.

Textes de / Texts by: Pascale Cassagnau, Christa Blümlinger, Evgenia Giannouri, Beatrice Von Bismarck, Kilian Schellbach & Maya Schweizer, Adeena Mey, Holger Schulze.

Conception graphique/ Graphic design: Charlotte Collin, Formula Studio.

Publié par/ Published by: Naima Editions.


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Issue No. 110, June 2018 „Performance Evaluation“

In the 18 years since Texte zur Kunst first turned its attention to the field of performance, a lot has happened, to say the least. Today, performance refers to almost any act, willing or forced, and is used by the institutions the world over whose aim is often to solicit performative acts from consumers, whether they are an audience at an art event or a user of social media. With performance today comes the inevitable system of evaluation—likes, ratings, grades, followers, etc.—a fact that has made separating performance as an art, and its popularity, from the overpowering influence of the culture of evaluation. For this issue of Texte zur Kunst, "Performance Evaluation," we investigate the overlapping definitions of performance, following their ubiquity and uses in particular, in order to evaluate what performance means today, and what we mean when we call something a "performance."

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Heft 2/2018

Original versus copy today? Who is still really concerned about that in the light of a culture in which copying and (sometimes unthinking) reproduction of sources have almost become standard practice? A culture in which automatically reproducing and spreading any initial material at all has in a certain sense become a fundamental state of affairs. In any event, the now irreversible technological basis for this causes difficulties for culture industry firms. Alongside this, a nexus of problems that cannot readily be shaken off is emerging in widespread instances of plagiarism and indeed illegal copying. But is the art of the present genuinely profoundly affected by all of this? Decades after the advent of Postmodern discourse and Appropriation Art, is it still possible to talk meaningfully and insightfully about authenticity and reproduction... »

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Publication Date: 05-2017

Artists editions to download online.
KIOSK is a collaboration of 2 people.
A dialogue, a ping-pong by mail.
An Exchange of data, images, drawings, texts during one month. Every month an artist is invited to propose an exchange with a person of his(er) choice. A monthly edition will be created.
Format A4, landscape.The number of pages variable.

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Camera Austria 136

Publication Date: 12. 12. 2016

Our winter issue is out! We are happy to anounce Camera Austria International 136 with contributions by Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva,
Matthias Müller, Amie Siegel, Maya Schweizer.
In this issue, we are focusing on transitions from the photographic to the performative,
on passages in photography leading to the dispositifs of cinema and video, both of which are likewise engaged in a continual process of adaptation. What is awaiting us at the margins of the images?
Are pictorial regimes themselves not being ever more strongly informed by paradigms
that actually rest outside of the visual realm?
Can answers to such determinism be discerned from the traces of superimpositions and collisions between the different pictorial regimes?
On the occasion of the release, we cordially invite you to a cozy Sunday afternoon Apéro with cake at our booth at the Friends With Books fair in Berlin.
Come along, have a drink with us and meet friends! Don’t miss:
Starting at 2 pm as part of the official programme,
we host an artist talk with Stefanie Seufert and Reinhard Braun.

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Lieux de Mémoire and Desire

Book published by Archive Books, Berlin, 2015
Texts by
Cecilia Canziani
Volker Pantenburg
Maya Schweizer
Designed by
Anna Lena von Helldorff, Büro Total, Leipzig
144 pages- ISBN 978-3-943620-32-0
15cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783943620320

Lieux de Mémoire and Desire presents five cinematic works of Maya Schweizer and examines how the artist approaches the relation of montage editing techniques with the concept of film and memorial, and film as memorial – a relation which traces back to both the very beginnings of montage and incorporates the research of French historian Pierre Nora.
Recurring moments in Schweizer’s multiform art practice revolve around the examination of subtly treated processes of memory regarding historic-political events in public space. In the places, structures, and situations she investigates.



Issue No. 82 / June 2011 “Artistic Research”
An Office Chair down on the street, a passerby yells at her dog, or: researching the construction between images / Statement by Maya Schweizer

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same-story-1 same-story-2 same-story-3 same-story-4 same-story-5 same-story-6 same-story-7 same-story-8 same-story-9 same-story-10 same-story-11 same-story-12 same-story-14 same-story-15

continued, spread, fragmented, daily, backwards and all over again

Book published by Spector books, Leipzig, 2010
Texts by
Madeleine Bernstorff
Sabeth Buchmann
Margit Czenki
Joerg Franzbecker
Nanna Heidenreich
Marcel Odenbach
Ulrich Peltzer
Katja Schröder
Designed by
Hit Berlin, 2010
128 pages - Isbn 978-3-940064-97-4


Artist Maya Schweizer is working on new audio-visual narratives, in forms of image-text installation they are closer to YouTube than to the cinema. The starting point is usually everyday situations, which she combines with found and invented texts. "I think that in small, personal acts are often visible on the street social conditions. I try to take the stories seriously in their divergence and compare them with my projections, " Maya Schweizer describes her artistic approach.

Six of her video works in "The Same Story Elsewhere" are being commented in detail: Madeleine Bernstorff, Margit Czenki, Joerg Franz Becker, Nanna Heidenreich, Marcel Odenbach and Ulrich Peltzer talk about their impressions and associations and are going through their reflections, the moving images of video in Medium book to understand. Essays by Sabeth Buchmann and Katja Schroder situate Maya Schweizer's artistic work at the interface of art and film, documentary and fiction.
The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition "La même histoire ailleurs" in the Westphalian Art Association, from 4 September to 24 October 2010, shown in Münster.


Rien du tout

The Green Box Kunst Kunst edition, 2006
48 pages
47 illustrations
185 x 210 mm
Swiss binding
German / French
Design: Till Gathmann
The Green Box, Berlin 2006
ISBN 978-3-908175-17-9


For de)flection #2, Maya Schweizer and Clemens von Wedemeyer have extended and transformed their first collaborative film project into book form. With the film's text, production photographs and sketches, this book is a documentation as well as an exploration of the film Rien du tout.


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