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Sur le dos de la carte postale

2 HDV channel / 15' / 2010

The project contains another film titled:
Sur La Seyne
Super 8 film transferred on DVD / 12’ / 2010

The camera observes a street vendor on the square underneath the Eiffel Tower laying out his wares for tourists. In a parallel text projection the situation is explained from the point of view of policemen who keep trying to drive the vendors from the square. The second part of the video discusses the history of the Paris landmark. During the World Fair of 1889 for which the Eiffel Tower was erected, the organizers also reconstructed street scenes from Cairo and african villages. The video installation combines scenes of contemporary daily life in Paris with a reflection of the history of the human zoo. Part of the text that appears in the film is based on the book Colonizing Egypt by Timothy Mitchell and the film Menschenzoos von Eric Deroo.

Kunstverein Langenhagen