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L’Étoile de Mer

HD, 11, English, French and German, colour, Sound, Germany, 2019

„C'est une étoile qui tombe dans la Mer Méditerranée.“ - (It's a star that falls in the Mediterranean Sea) tells Man Ray’s film synopsis of L'Étoile de Mer (The Starfish) made in 1928.

L´Étoile de Mer by Maya Schweizer is an experimental navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, mingling underwater shots, silent movies, author’s own video archive and underwater shots, faded-in texts and a sound collage. This image and sound essay is about forgetting and the sea as a point of reference and reflection. The sea is a flowing immaterial space and thus seems conducive to forgetting.

* Produced by and Exhibited at the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, 2019, screened at the German and International competition of the 65. Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen, 2019, awarded with the e-flux prize in Oberhausen Short Film Festival, 2019.