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Voices and Shells

HD / 18:20 min. / colour / Munich / 2020

It opens in the dark, in a corridor; water is flowing … Voices echo in these sewer tunnels; it is the abyss of Munich, under the river Isar. The voices tell fragments of stories: about vanished people, violence, memory
loss—while the camera is now above ground, scanning the city’s façades, including those of the “Third Reich.”
The city appears as a body winding its way through time, past and present. Like a thread through memories,
a spiral runs through it: a shell, a whirlpool, the turn of a staircase, the ever-recurring voices of the past. The film is a collage: it jumbles traces of history and forms of nature, bringing images, voices and sounds from different sources to the same level. A story of living beings and living environments, of fossils which challenge our perception of time.

Camera Austria 152, Artikel von Mira Anneli Naß